Waiter, there's something in my dessert...

Pen Ire’s crusade against the sloppy restauRATeurs of the world continues.

A recent Sunday pub lunch in Roundwood was enlivened by the particularly creative spelling used in the menu. However, I’ve chosen not to “name and shame” the establishment only because er, I can’t actually remember it. But come on guys, to start spring rolls, lightly dizzled in hoi sin sauce? For mains, a juicy T-bone accompanied by a peppre sauce? And then to finish off, an admittedly-quite-wonderful-sounding Ice-Cream Sunday?

Ah, you might say, leave off you big city git, it’s only a wee country pub.

But alas, times are no better on the mean city streets. An outing to The Bull & Castle in Christchurch revealed it to be a well-priced gastropub with excellent food. But surely they don’t expect city diners to swallow a Cappuccino Mouse at the end of their meal?!


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