Today in the media: Dublin Port recalls writers' voyages; + anti-gum litter campaign

In today's Irish Times, Alison Healy writes about a new Dublin Port campaign: "Highlighting the number of Irish writers who fled our inhospitable shores might not seem like a good way to promote Irish business but when you learn that they all used ferries to make their getaway, then Dublin Port Company's new campaign makes sense.

The sea travel campaign, which began yesterday, highlights the fact that Samuel Beckett, Brendan Behan, James Joyce, Seán O'Casey, GB Shaw, Oscar Wilde and WB Yeats all used ferries to leave the country. Some, including Joyce, never returned from exile but others like Behan took the return ferry journey."

We must find out more & form an opinion.

Also in the Times, a new campaign against "gum litter" just launched in Galway is discussed briefly by Lorna Siggins. Is this really going far enough: "On behalf of loafers, winkle pickers and snakes in cowboy boots, thanks for binning your gum when you're done". What's the word for this humour again? Help me out here, please.


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