A bad taste in my mouth

(I'm worried that even writing about the issue in a blog entry here is crass, but I can only hope it's acceptable in some sense. I'm also hoping to dismantle the obvious argument that I'm being sanctimonious.)

The rarely-funny, usually simplistically-sarcastic signs you see most often behind the counter in retail outlets (In God we trust ...), or at work stations in offices (5 to 9 I'm a real party animal), or even in more personal spaces such as car windows (My other car is ...) and aprons (The last person who asked for second helpings from me ...) are in this instance brought to a pathetic low.

While there ARE children (and families & communities) in the world for whom the idea expressed here is a very bitter reality, I for one don't think the relatively cosy societies of the world should be using the horrific phenomenon of child slavery as a focus for humour.

Take the sign down, Houricans. You could replace it with a Penhire creation, free of charge, if you want:

will be placed in the recycling bins


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Penhire said...

In a grim kind of way, though, maybe the sign has as much merit as my blog posting, in that it calls attention to the fact that there is this terrible phenomenon in the world. In one sense, isn't the sign actually saying: In less fortunate societies that yours, children are being sold as slaves?