Simplified take on But, Are you Happy?

I think my ex-colleague's analysis was a bit too convoluted, so here goes again:
Labour’s But, are you happy? campaign in the last general election, struck a lot of people as being an own goal.

First of all, the question implies a previous acknowledgement of many things going right, which doesn’t seem like a good starting point for an opposition party. Secondly, the “floating” nature of the design, with no context offered, is too weak and vague to convey a powerful message.

Yes, perhaps, it “makes you think” but pre-election campaigning, most would agree, needs to be to the point and pull no punches. Finally, because there’s no hint as to what we might not be happy about, there’s always the danger that we’ll end up thinking it’s the Labour Party we ought to be unhappy about. Ooops!

The agency argued that the ad itself generated a lot of comment and column inches, but that itself implies failure in that the ad clearly overtook the message. And many of the column inches were dominated by the inevitable versions à la, “But, are you happy with Pat Rabbitte?”

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