Have you got the whole package?

Believe it or not the piece of language that caught my eye today was that old chestnut, the email disclaimer. It's best known as a boring legal necessity, but one company - a gift delivery service - has turned it into a quiet piece of marketing.

The header reads:
Some stuff you should know (otherwise known as a disclaimer):

It's fresh, friendly, and straight to the point. Of course this type of informality doesn't suit every company. But what is interesting is how the language here - in what is generally not considered part of marketing material - is completely in keeping with the conversational language and cheery tone used on its website.
When thinking about your company's communications think about EVERY piece of communication you send out. What does it say about your company? Remember that everything - from your emails to the way you answer the phone - communicates something about the way your company does business, not just your brochure or website. A consistent tone and style will strengthen your brand and help to inspire confidence in your customers by letting them know who they're dealing with.


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