Busman's Holiday

I have just returned from a wonderful holiday that naturally involved many leisurely meals out.
The food was frequently delicious, the settings were lovely but the was enough to bring a tear to a copywriter's eye.
It was hoped I would enjoy a "pleasurable dinning experience" but how could this be possible after that transgression was followed by the ordering of a "vegetarian sandwhich"?
My personal favourite spelling error was on a trip to Sydney, Australia, a few years back where a food court outlet offered "Wraps and Bagets" (baguettes) in 10-inch high lettering.
Irish proprietors are not excused either - the ubiquitous panini ("pannini" or "paninni" seem to be favoured alternatives)comes in for a great deal of abuse.
A well-written menu with correct spelling and punctuation should not just be considered an added extra for the language nerds among us. It is part of a whole package that reflects upon a restaurant or cafe's professionalism and presentation, adding to the overall "dinning" experience.


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