Bonanza bugbear

Valentine's Evening I saw a creativity-free sign in the window of a pharmacy announcing a "10% Off Bonanza" for the special day. In my parallel life, I went into the shop, not for a gift, but to give them a piece of my mind: "Have you any idea what a bonanza actually is?" I shouted at the staff, pointing back to the sign. "Huh? A bon-anza is a run of good luck or an unexpected success, originally connected with mining ore. Now how, pray tell, can asking your customers to come in here and SPEND their hard-earned money on the nasty rubbish you're flogging off be described as a bonanza? Huh? How?" At this stage the one that looked the least bothered by my rant, probably the manager, approached me with a false gesture of empathy and started leading me towards the door. "Don't worry, Sir. We'll take care of it right away. You head on now," she said with increasing impatience, "and I won't call the police," she shouted after me having shoved me off and closing the door.

Afterwards, regretting my extremism, I realised that there could of course be a perfume called Bonanza, in which case the pharmacy would have been perfectly within their rights to announce "10% off Bonanza"!


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