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abstract images for feelings, challenge and change

achievement motivation - david mcclelland

acorn classifications - lifestyle and demographics definitions and percentages

acronyms and abbreviations for learning and fun

adair's action-centred leadership

adams' equity theory on job motivation

advanced selling technique - buying facilitation

advertise and promote yourself free on businessballs

adizes ten stages - corporate life cycle model

advertising tricks of the trade

aesop's fables

age diversity and age discrimination

aida - and other selling techniques

air traffic controllers funny quotes

albert humphrey's tam® business change model

ansoff matrix

answers to puzzles for team building and quizzes

answers to word origins puzzles for team building and quizzes

appraisals - process and appraisals form template

360 degree appraisals tips

asking for a salary increase - how to

assertiveness techniques and self-confidence

baking foil horse - how to

belbin team roles and personality types theory

benziger personality assessment model

the 'big five' personality factors model (aka 'ocean')

bloom's taxonomy of learning domains

books and writers - recommended reading lists

book of the month

books by subject

boston matrix

brain type and thinking style

brainstorming for team building and problem solving - how to

brainstorming - advanced 'kaleidoscope' method for creativity and deep team-building

buddhism and business? - japanese garden and meditation teaching

businessballs free self-publishing and advertising space

business plans and marketing strategy - how to write

business planning report structure - easy quick template

business strategy implementation and realisation

businessballs training and development advice

buying facilitation - selling and communications model

buying techniques and strategy

campling's age-work arc theory

carl jung's psychological types

the chakras

change - personal transition stages - john fisher

change management - managing organizational change

charles handy's motivation calculus

cherie carter-scott's rules of life

cliches and expressions origins

climate change, climate change levy, agreements

coaching - life coaching and personal coaching

cockney rhyming slang

code of practice sample

company policy analogy - amusing

complaints letters - how to write

corporate social responsibility

contact us

contracts and supply agreements template and tips

conscious competence learning model

contracts and agreements legal terms and definitions glossary

courtroom gaffes

cover letters - free sales introduction samples

cover letters - free resignation letters samples

cover letters - free references letters samples

CRM - customer relationship management

cv writing and examples

customer service and code of practice

customer complaints reply letter template

cv template in msword

cv template in PDF

cybernetics - secrets of success

dating and relationships communications

david keirsey's personality types theory (temperament sorter model)

death and bereavement - kubler-ross model

decision-making - how to

decision-making template

delegation - how to

delegating to a group - and developing your team

demographics classifications

derivations puzzles

desiderata - inspirational poem and history

design management process

diacritical marks

diagrams and other free tools

directors responsibilities

dismissal process and letters samples

dispute resolution in the workplace (UK law effective Oct 2004)

ditloids puzzles

do not stand at my grave and weep

peter drucker biography and theory summary

elisabeth kubler-ross - five stages of grief

emotional freedom techniques (EFT)

emotional intelligence (EQ)


employee motivation and staff motivation surveys

employment termination, dismissal, redundancy, letters templates and style

energy and emissions, climate change policies

environmental management and resources efficiency

eric berne's transactional analysis - early theory

eric berne's transactional analysis - recent theory

erik erikson's psychosocial theory of human development

ethical organisations

ethical decision-making

ethics exercise

the 'everybody somebody anybody nobody' story/poem

exit interviews, questions examples, tips

hans eysenck's personality types theory

family fortunes answers

'fantasticat' concept - for teaching and motivating young people

firo-b personality model

financial terms and ratios explained

foil horse - how to make one

forming storming norming performing model

the four agreements - don miguel ruiz

the four temperaments (four humours)

franchising business - buying guide

free resources for download - diagrams and tools

freud's psychosexual stages

funny family fortunes wrong answers

funny letters to a London council

funny free posters

games, tricks, puzzles and warm ups for groups

games and exercises for team building

more games and exercises for team building

horse model using baking foil - how to

howard gardner's multiple intelligences theory and model

gifts ideas - uplifting dvd's, books and cd's

global warming, greenhouse gases, emissions implications

graphology - handwriting analysis

greek alphabet

grief stages model - kubler-ross

grievance procedures letters samples for employees

group selection recruitment method

charles handy - management guru

handwriting analysis - theory and techniques

handwriting analysis personality assessment tool - free pdf

hans eysenck's personality types theory

hard questions for an authentic life - susan piver

herzberg's motivation theory

herzberg graph diagram - motivators and hygiene factors

herzberg diagram - rocket analogy


albert humphrey's tam® business change model

hrd performance evaluation

if - the inspirational poem by rudyard kipling

induction training checklist, template and tips

in search of excellence - summary

industrial classifications - 1992 SIC codes

innovation and change decision-making template

insomnia - cures for mild sleep disorders

insurance claims forms gaffes

intelligences, learning styles, howard gardner and VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

intelligent buildings and intelligent homes


interviews - funny quotes from sales interviews

interviews - group selection method

introductory letters

inventions and ideas submissions to corporate licensees

japanese garden and meditation centre

job adverts - writing and design

job description writing and samples

job interviews - tips, techniques, questions, answers

johari window model and free diagrams

juggle - how to

jung's psychological types

kaleidoscope brainstorming

kubler-ross - five stages of grief

keirsey's personality types theory (temperament sorter model)

kirkpatrick's learning evaluation model

kolb learning styles

kotter's change model

leadership tips

learning styles - kolb

learning styles - VAK and VARK

learning styles VAK test

learning model - conscious competence matrix

legal contracts terminology glossary

letters to get sales appointments

letters to the council (funny quotes)

life-change - camplings age-work arc theory

life coaching and personal coaching

lifestyle demographics classifications - acorn, nrs, insight

love and spirituality at work

mcgregor X-Y theory

mcclelland's achievement-motivation theory

mehrabian communication research

management and business quiz - 50 test questions for fun (mostly)

management gurus research listing

management skills assessment - quick audit tool

management training advice

maslow's hierarchy of needs

market development process


meanings of words and expressions

meditation and relaxation teaching

meetings - how to plan and run meetings

mentoring principles

metric prefixes table

money slang meanings and origins

motivational theory and ideas

motivation surveys templates and motivation principles

motivation - frederick herzberg

motivational posters

william moulton marston's DISC personality theory (Inscape, Thomas Int., etc)

multiple intelligences - howard gardner, VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

murphy's plough - positive thinking story

myers briggs personality theory and mbti types indicator

needs creation selling technique

negotiation - how to

neuro-linguistic programming (nlp)

nvq's history, structure and lists

organisational development and 'learning organisations'

organisational change management - modern ideas

origins of cliches, expressions and words

pareto's law (pareto principle, 80-20 rule)

parkinson's law

pavlov's dogs

pay rise requests

people performance potential model

performance appraisals - process and appraisals form template

performance management

personal change process

personal coaching and life coaching

personal development - modern integrated methods

personal development - BBC books series

personal construct psychology

personality tests

personality theories, models and types

pest market analysis - free template

the peter principle

phonetic alphabet

piver's hard questions for an authentic life

planning report structure - business or operational

plate spinning instructions - how to

porter's five forces of competition theory model and diagrams

posters - free, funny, motivational, inspirational

posture and workstation ergonomics

presentation aids and props ideas

presentations - how to

problem-solving - how to

product design process and tips

project management skills and technique


purchasing management, strategy and techniques

puzzles and games for team building and warm-ups

puzzles answers

puzzles and conundrums - complex

qualifications comparisons - nvq's, diplomas, degrees

quality management, history, gurus, theories, process improvement tools

quizballs - free questions and answers for quizzes

quiz in MSWord - ten quick questions with answers sheet

quotes - motivational, amusing, inspirational and love quotations

real ale - business, markets, lifestyle lessons

recommended reading

references letters - writing templates and samples

reflective diary template - sharon drew morgen edition (msword)

reflective diary template - sharon drew morgen edition (pdf)

reflective diary/journal template - standard businessballs edition - process and notes (msword)

reflective diary tool - standard businessballs edition (pdf)

reiki therapy, healing, training and theory

reports writing - templates structure

resignations letters and resignations acceptance letters

resources efficiency and environmental management

resume writing

rocks in a bucket story

role playing and role play games process and tips

ruiz's 'the four agreements' summary and review

SIC codes - standard industrial classifications

salary negotiation

sales activator® sales training and development games system

sales introduction letters

sales research summary of key selling success factors

sales training - how to sell

scorpion and frog story

'scrambled words' examples for language and brain training

self-confidence and assertiveness techniques

self-help and self-esteem

seven habits of highly effective people - overview and review

service contracts and supply agreements template and tips

sharon drew morgen - buying facilitation model

situational leadership® model

six sigma® definitions, history, explanation

sleep problems help - cures for mild insomnia

small business start-ups lessons and examples

sostac® - pr smith's business marketing planning system

space - you can now publish your content on businessballs

stories, research findings and analogies

strategy implementation and realisation

stress and stress management

sustainability, triple bottom line, corporate responsibility

swot analysis - free template and examples

tam® - albert humphrey's business change model

tannenbaum and schmidt continuum

team briefing process

team building games and activities - free ideas, exercises

more team building games and activities - free exercises, ideas

team building games and activities - planning, ideas, theory and training

team building games and activities - evaluation form (excel file)

time management tips

time management techniques, free tools and templates

time management story

third world small business development lessons and examples

tom peters - in search of excellence summary

total quality management (TQM)

training certificate template

training needs analysis, individul skill-set assessments and grading guide

training, learning and development advice

training evaluation processes

training and developing people - how to

transactional analysis - eric berne and early theory

transactional analysis - recent theory

tree swing cartoons - pictures and history

triple bottom line, sustainability, corporate responsibility

tuckman's forming storming norming performing model

VAK - visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning styles model

VAK learning styles questionnaire

visual aids and props ideas

website marketing tips

weakest link funny answers

weakest link funny answers contd.

words and expressions origins

workshops - format and how to run

writing a curriculum vitae (cv)

writing effective job adverts

writing job descriptions

writing a reference letter

writing a resignation letter - tips, samples and templates

writing a resume

writing technique - general

writing techniques for advertising

x-y theory - mcgregor

theory z - william ouchi

Free tools, templates and diagrams in PDF, MSWord and Excel format. More in the Free Resources section:

Peter Drucker Biography and Theory Summary - thanks to Mike Warren of Grey Matter

MBTI Function Dominance diagram in Powerpoint slide format or as a PDF - with thanks to Simon Pusey

Monthly Sales Report Template (MSExcel) - adapt and develop for your own situation.

Monthly Sales Report Template (PDF)

reflective diary/journal process, notes and templates - MSWord

reflective diary and process template - PDF format

free CV template in MSWord - single sheet format, UK A4 paper size - insert your own details - adapt to suit

free CV Template in PDF format

Mental Concentration Test - pdf file - mostly for fun

Unleash the Power of Consultative Selling - superb ebook by Rich Grehalva. Feedback appreciated - send direct to Rich or to me.

Free Multiple Intelligences Test - based on Gardner's model - in MSExcel self-calculating format

Induction Training Checklist and Planner MSExcel file

free SWOT analysis template worksheet version - MSWord

free VAK learning styles multiple-choice questionnaire test - MSWord file - (ack V Chislett)

lesson plan/training session planner and timings calculator - Excel File - (ack N Darwent)

Six Sigma Guide by UK DTI (crown copyright)

Training evaluation form using kirkpatrick method (excel)

Activity management and report template

Porter's five forces diagram

Actual total cost diagram

Awaken the leader in you - modern leadership principles (S Khan)

People performance potential model diagram (ack J Addy)

Discipline & grievance guidance for small firms (crown copyright, source uk dti)

Guidance on the employment act 2002 (dispute resolution regs effective 2004) (crown copyright, source uk dti)

Employee guide to grievance procedures (crown copyright, source uk dti)

Training certificate template MSWord

Training certificate template pdf

Herzberg Motivation diagram

Herzberg's Motivators graph

Johari Window diagram

Process of Transition diagram

Adams Equity Theory diagram

McGregor XY Theory diagram

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs diagram

Hierarchy of Needs diagram - adapted 1970's seven-level model

Hierarchy of Needs diagram - adapted 1990's eight-level model

Kolb's Learning Styles diagram

Training Process diagram

Personal Review Flow diagram - courtesy Manchester University RSD.

Sales Funnel diagram

Sales Development diagram

Customers/prospects priority matrix

Delegation SMART task template

Example Induction Training Guide - courtesy MU RSD

Example Induction Checklist - courtsey MU RSD

Training Planner template

Example Induction Training Planning template - courtsey MU RSD

Training elements/exercise review template

'Prisoner's Dilemma' Win-Win game

Example Team Briefing User Guide - courtesy Manchester University RSD

Example Team Briefing Core Brief Template - courtesy MU RSD

Example Team Briefing Local Brief Template - courtesy MU RSD

Example Team Briefing Local Brief Questions Preparation Template - courtesy MU RSD

Example Team Briefing Feedback Form Template - courtesy MU RSD

Example Team Briefing Attendance Record Template - courtesy MU RSD

Behavioural Change Assessment Tool

(completed example here)

Training Programme Evaluation Toolkit

Management Skills Assessment tool

Management Training needs analysis example

Performance Appraisal Form

Personal Review Form Example - courtesy Manchester University RSD

Time Management Survey form

Time Management Time-log template

Time Management Weekly Planner template

Quick training feedback form template

Medium training feedback form template

Line-manager training feedback form template

Sales Research free full report on Key Selling Success Factors - courtesy Trainique

Skill-set and behaviour-set assessment template

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) template

Presentation skills assessment template

Example Induction Training Feedback form (1 mth) - courtsey MU RSD

Example Induction Training Feedback form (3 mth) - courtsey MU RSD

'BLISS' Career Planner tool

Big Boys Toys quiz

Mental Agility test

Hierarchy of Needs 5-level quick test

Hierarchy of Needs 8-level quick test

McGregor XY Theory indicator

Graphology/Handwriting Test template

Personal Profile talking points template

(Many of these tools are available as working files, MSWord, Excel, etc., in the Free Resources section. Guidance for using these tools is on the site in the relevant sections)

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